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I have a thru the wall friedrich heat pump and the fan will not work in heat mode.?

The thermostat wires hooked to the unit is a five wire plug in type but someone changed the thermostat and it has places for many more wires. They removed the plug and connect to wires together. The cooling mode works just fine. Do I need to get a 5 wire thermostat? My heat pump is a Friedrich Vert-I-Pak model vha18k50rtd.
The thermostat the homeowner installed look like and older Friedrich digital single stage thermostat. They problem is the color of the wires connected to the heat pump are different colors than what is on the thermostat. The wires on the heat pump are orange, black, blue, white, and red. the thermostat has on the left side a terminals G Rc R W Y now on the right side of the thermostat 3 terminals with nothing, then B and O. Please someone tell me what wire go where to get this to work.

You can get a pdf with the service manual and specifications at:

(Click on service manual)
You will also need the wiring diagram of the thermostat (available on line from it's manufacturer).
These instructions are simple and easy to verify that your thermostat is compatible, and wired correctly.
You haven't stated who changed the thermostat, or why.
You might want to begin by answering these questions.
The thermostat might block heating if outside ambient exceeds indoor temp.
The fan might also have an "auto" setting which prevents operation based on heat exchanger
temperature differential.

I have your additional details.
There are numerous Friedrich single stage thermostats.
The one you have might or might not be compatible.
You will need the model number of the one you have (usually beginning : RT)
Use this to obtain the correct pdf, or post it as additional details.
The wire colors have specific functions (ie: low fan, high fan, reversing valve, compressor, etc.)
These are specific to the model.
The thermostat terminals match the functions (not neccesarily wire color).
There is no simple answer without more detail.

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